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What is Match Staffing?

Match Staffing is a technical recruiting firm that is well known in Silicon Valley for circulating with VC Firms, technology companies and Fortune 500 organizations.  We utilize innovative recruiting technology and talent search strategy that gives you an edge in filling positions.  We alleviate the stress within the rigors of recruitment and give you multiple choices to make the best decision.

  • Recruitment Technology

    Recruitment Technology

    Match Staffing is a Collective of technology entrepreneurs that have backgrounds in technology and recruitment. We use matching technology that captures active and passive candidates bringing hard to reach candidates to you in a quick and systematic way.
  • Specialization


    Match Staffing's nationwide team of technical recruiters & sourcers help you move faster than your competitors to hire. We specialize in technology staffing for start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.
  • Professional support

    Professional support

    Match Staffing increases the success of hiring "quality match" candidates by 70%. We have a 98% customer satisfaction level based on accuracy on fit. We flush out the minute details to ensure you receive the "best of the best" qualified candidates that match your job requirement accurately.

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